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We Want To Help You Fill Your Next 2 Weeks With SongWriting & Promoting Songs! We are Revealing The Exact Methods Professional Song Writers Use To Turn Ordinary Tunes Into Thousands Of Dollars Day After Day, Week After Week 24/7/365!

The New 5 Day Music Promo Formula Box Image

New 5 Day Music
Promo Formula

Anxiety Around Writing New Songs and then Promoting them Is The #1 Dream Killer For Rock Bands, Musical Artists & Performers . . . .
Experts & Amateurs alike!

We know . Because we were there once too.

When we first started Million Dollar Riff & MDR-Tv brands , (and even way-back in my own song writing days ) – writing songs that sold was like a roller coaster ride… Many people around me doubted me, and I was left feeling worried that my music business would never take off and I would never be able to make a real living with my song writing.

Every day when we speak with new members of our program, they tell me over and over again that they are concerned that no one will pay to listen to their songs, or that not enough people will download them to make them a living .

And we want to get you OUT of that mental trap!     

This is why MDR-Tv Coaching have created the 5 Day HighPaying Music Promo Formula

This training is PROVEN to work and is a method we use every single day at MDR-Tv Live coaching – and it will do these crucial things for you and your song writing career:

  • How to create POWERFUL social media ads to skyrocket your song downloads
  • How to book your first 10 live stream gigs
  • How to create virtual and in-person live audience performances to use your song writing story to attract new audiences
  • How to transition your music writing skills into NEW BUYERS
  • How to overcome common audience  objections
  • How to get the most reach possible with your song-writing & marketing efforts

You’ll find easy-to-follow, ACTIONABLE steps to get your first high paying customers who will want to rush out and buy your songs in 5 days or less all included with the 5 Day High Paying SongWriting Promotion Formula.

Module 1: Creating Powerful Social Media Advertisement Videos

The first step to any client acquisition strategy is creating powerful social media advertisement videos.
If you have no experience with this – it can seem overwhelming!
In this module, we will cover the exact formula and process that we use when we create our social media advertisements to bring in over 2,000 new high-paying clients every single month!

You’ll discover:

  • How to structure your social media advertisements
  • How much to “give away” about your offer
  • Creating a POWERFUL spoken call to action
  • Insider tips to creating attention-grabbing ads that stand out

Once you have SOLID, attention-grabbing social media ads, you’re ready to move on to the next step of the formula.        

Module 2: Creating Virtual And In-Person Presentations With Your music 'Story'

Weaving your music storytelling into presentations is always a challenge for our clients.

Not knowing WHEN to include your personal storytelling or how long the story should be or which type of story should be in an online presentation vs a stage presentation is hard to figure out on your own. It takes a ton of time, testing, and experimentation (which we’ve already done for you).

Clients end up second-guessing themselves and procrastinating till nothing gets done. This training will show you how to create and deliver successful presentations using your own personal music story.

So no more procrastination or confusion. Just get it done!

You’ll learn: 

  • How to create online presentations using personal story telling
  • How to create presentations from the stage using story telling
  • How to use your story telling in face-to-face presentations

Once you find confidence in yourself and your story, you have the tools you need to start attracting a never-ending stream of clients – but this training won’t stop there. Let’s dive into Module 3!

Module 3: How to Effectively Turn Leads into Music Buying Customers

This is the step that tends to trip up, confuse and overwhelm new music business owners. You have a bunch of people interested, you have clicks, you have people to contact… but how do you bridge the gap between “interested” and “purchaser?”

We will guide you through how to push people through your customer journey and how to turn those clicks into dollars.

In this module you will learn:

  • What to do once click or lead comes through your social media ad
  • How to elevate people from your low-tier program to your high-tier program
  • How to nurture a lead into a paying client
  • How to sell when you don’t have a sales team yet!
  • How to close a sale with a 2-minute conversation

Lastly, we move on to one of the most important aspects of this formula –

We then progress you toward  ‘Book Your First 100 Music Customers’ System.

Module 4: Book Your 'First 100 Music Customers' System

We will show you exactly how to develop 25 new professional relationships every single month that will DOUBLE or EVEN 10X your music business this year!

Ok, MDR-Tv Coaches, “But How do I get these potential music fans and customers interested in my songs and albums so that they’ll want to buy my music?”

We will blow you away with a simple customer creating system that will help you…

  • Communicate your music message with CLARITY
  • Captivate with your personal musical Story
  • Invite Them To A Free Live Stream Music Session

And this conversation ONLY requires that you speak for less than 2 minutes…

This alone will BLOW you away and change your entire music business/ career.

… and you will NEVER lack confidence again

… and you will never have to search for fans or music customers again

Promote your Music . Stream it Live .

Included With The 5 Day Song Promo Formula
Are These INCREDIBLE Bonuses!



  • Create powerful FB advertisements
  • Get step-by-step guidance
  • Get your FB ads up and running FAST



  • Our proven IG scaling strategy
  • What to avoid that keeps you from scaling
  • How to scale your following quickly


  • The steps to set up your first YouTube ad (or improve the ones you are running)
  • How to pick the perfect audience with the highest chance of converting to paying clients
  • How to select the BEST keywords for your industry, so your videos can grow organically

Let’s Fill Your Next 30 Days With High-Paying Music Buying Customers!

We want to help you eliminate confusion about what direction to take for your music customer-getting strategy.

You NEED to know that selling your music online within the next 5 days is not only doable, but it is also REASONABLE if you know the tools you need, and how to utilise them effectively.

With at-home learning a focus due to the Word-Wide “Covid pandemic” (and these resources becoming higher in demand than ever), there has never been a better time than now to hone-in on your music marketing & customer acquisition strategy, so that you can take the next steps to live a life of limitless abundance!

Hear what people have to say…

Stella Lindley

Country Music Artist

“Being around MDR-Tv staff and promotional concepts in the MDR-Tv  music community changed my life. My musical gift would have died inside me had I not found my voice and true expression in the world.”

– Stella Lindley

Donald Martin

JAZZ Music artist

“When I first started with MDR-Tv promotional training, I did’t have the confidence to promote or grow my music business online. I was a computer programer making $60,000 a year. Within 18 months, I did a 100,000 dollars in sales in my music business alone. Thank you MDR-Tv coaches!. I’m forever grateful that I have the confidence to follow my dreams.”

– Donald Martin

Gaby Williams


“I have learned to get new music audiences, create attractive promotional videos, and simply sell my music, so I can follow my dreams now, because of MDR-Tv’s support and program. My passion has always been to sing R&B and Soul since I was a young girl. I found the confidence to create my own music business and promote my songs across the world. I’m thrilled. Awesome!!!.”

-Gaby Williams

The New 5 Day Music Promo Formula Box Image

New 5 Day Music
Promo Formula

Disclaimer: each client testimonial that you see is based on what our clients tell us. We don’t verify their financial statements, we take their word on it. Getting results in building a business is hard, and each of our music artists/clients works really hard to get results. We don’t guarantee any results and you should know that building a business and investing in marketing is a risk.

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